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Dances With Wolves: a Blog Warning
Posted 8/14/02

I Need a Job
Posted 8/16/02

Finally, Some Feedback
Posted 8/21/02

I'm a Loser
Posted 8/27/02

Don't Read This
Posted 11/1/02

Burn in Hell Ronnie and Dill!
Posted 11/5/02

From now on I will be posting my responses to various site feedback on my forum.

The Unnamed Column



Cloning For Fun and Profit
(1,618 words)

The Joy of Work
(1,047 words)

An Economical Approach to Crime
(2,188 words)

I think I feel my McLunch coming up
(465 words) Posted 11/26/02

Deadbeats Cause Decline in Record Sales
1st place winner Oct. 2002
(589 words) Posted 8/23/02

Homo-Pedophile-Necrophilia For Dummies
(640 words) Posted 8/28/02

How to Cook a Cow Head
(1,159 words) Posted 9/6/02

Deport Whitey Now
(881 words) Posted 9/13/02

Female Castration Will End Prostitution
(Also Published at The Dirty Rag)

(934 words) Posted 10/03/02

Cross-dressing Albino Midget Victim of Racial Profiling
(362 words) Posted 11/21/02

Works in Progress

The Super Geniuses Guide to Complete Idiots
(632 words) Posted 10/22/02

Introduction: Morons in the Wild; How to Identify an Idiot
(588) Posted 11/8/02

(comming soon)
Chapter 2: Work Place Idiots
Chapter 3: Educated Idiots
Chapter 4: Idiots in Power
Chapter 5: Idiots in the Media
Chapter 6: Idiots in the Animal Kingdom
Chapter 7: Idiots in Large Numbers
Chapter 8: Idiots on the Internet
Chapter 9: The Super Idiot
Chapter 10: Techniques For Communicating With an Idiot


But seriously folks

Queers: America's New Nigger

(2,495 words) Posted 12/31/02

Song Parodies

The Gullible people
Posted 2/11/03

Sleeping With a Nun
Posted 2/11/03

Posted 2/11/03

Guest Essays

Manipulation 101 by Justin M
(705 words) Posted 12/03/02

On Work by Matthew Callahan
(671 words) Posted 12/10/02