The Super Geniuses Guide to Complete Idiots


If you have read any of my previous work, then you will know that I am quite possibly the smartest person ever to have lived in the universe. The burden of this awesome intellect is far more immense and cumbersome than the academically average minds of my readers can possibly comprehend. This encumbrance has caused me to live my life in obscurity. As discovery of my astounding astuteness, stunning sagacity, and luminous laudable literary genius looms lucidly on the horizon; I am rapidly realizing the ludicrously large lot of litigious social issues in serious need of my solely superior skillfulness. The following discourse will address one such issue that most plebeians have most likely never even conceived.

Today's society is made up of several factions, groups of people who all have their own interests and agendas. Some of these factions are easy to distinguish as they are clearly defined, with visible members who are vocal about their alliance. These factions can be broken down using several various taxonomies. Race, income level, occupation, age, sex, religious background, and geographic location are commonly used in social demography. There is one characteristic that is possessed by all individuals, but which is rarely considered as social phylum. The characteristic to which I am referring is intelligence.