Homo-Pedophile-Necrophilia For Dummies

In this age of rampant discrimination there are many minority causes worthy of a champion. While I have no delusions that I may become the champion of particular cause, I feel that I should donate my talents as a writer to those causes that are the most important.

I am writing on this topic not only to help end anti-homo-pedophile-necrophilia discrimination, but also to challenge myself as a writer. Many of the topics I have written about are of great importance, however I do not feel that any of my work has been groundbreaking. Although this issue is in the hearts and minds of millions of law-abiding citizens all over the world, the major media outlets have refused to address it. Therefore, in order to give a voice to the silent masses, I will do my best to debunk the myths of homo-pedophile-necrophilia.

In 1978 the North American Man/Boy Love Association began the struggle "to end the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships". NAMBLA has since become the leader in the fight to allow old men to pork young boys. The organization has made huge steps toward sexual liberation of homosexual pedophiles, but the plight of homosexual pedophiles that prefer the company of dead bodies is beyond their scope.