Introduction: Morons in the Wild; How to Identify an Idiot

If you are a genius like I am then you most likely have experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed by the myriad of idiots you encounter in your everyday life. There are many different types of idiots, and sometimes it is hard for a genius to tell them apart. Idiots all look the same to a genius. To understand an idiot one must first know what sort of idiot it is that they are dealing with. This chapter aims to identify the major categories of idiots, and give the reader some idea of how to recognize them.

One popular hangout for idiots is the workplace. The workplace idiot is sometimes difficult to spot, as there are usually so many at a given place of work. Anyone involved in management is almost guaranteed to be an idiot, along with anyone who has any amount of influence or power his fellow workers. This is not to say that all the worker bees are geniuses. They are most likely average in their cognitive processes. That is unless they seem to get along very well with their supervisors and/or other members of management.

Another type of idiot is what I call the "educated idiot". These sorts of idiots are very dangerous, and exceedingly difficult to detect. Most of these idiots work for community colleges, although they can be found in many other places. If a person was put through college by the military or by wealthy parents is most likely an educated idiot. An educated idiot can generally be identified by their pseudo intellectual nonsensical babblings.

Educated idiots sometimes evolve into what I call "idiots in power". As I just mentioned, anyone in power is most likely an idiot. When I refer to idiots in power I am referring to those who have gone beyond simply managing a Burger King. I am referring to idiots who have gained some element of control over the general public, or any sort of political influence.