Cloning For Fun and Profit

Ideally all thoughts of freedom, individualism, dignity and all that sort of nonsense could be programmed out of the clones. Slave labor may sound bad, but the clones wouldn't know any different so it would be OK. After all they're only clones, it's not like they are real people.

Cloning gives us the power to create a being that's exactly like a human being in every way, except that it's a clone. Since they are clones, we have the right to do whatever we want to them. We made them; it's our right. Part of "playing God" might as well include acting as though we have divine rights.

Since they ours to toy with, we can perform scientific experiments on them. Most people think Hitler was a bad guy, but the medical experiments the Nazis did on the Jews gave us huge amounts of knowledge. Being that clones aren't real people, we can experiment on them with a clear conscious. Once we get around the fact that they are exactly like us in every way, and realized that they are just clones, no one will feel bad about the torturous experiments conducted on them.

If we take full advantage of these possible uses of cloning, it will become one of the single most important scientific advances ever in human history. Cloning could shape our future, and change the way we live.

In short, cloning can help our species defeat natural selection. It can help us eliminate genetic defects, and prolong life. We can use clones to save human lives, and end suffering. Clones can help increase national security, and insure the dominance of the wealthy. Genetically engineered clones can help mankind survive the trials of natural selection, and make huge advances in medicine. Overall cloning can give us a higher quality of life. So if the question is "to clone, or not to clone?" then the answer is yes.