Cloning For Fun and Profit

Some might say the fact that America has enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world seven times over is enough to keep our country safe. Well, we're not the only country with nuclear bombs, and just because we have the strongest military force in the world is no reason to kick back and put our feet up. Cloning soldiers could insure the lasting superiority of United States military.

While they are at it, they could create Special Forces to eliminate inferior people. Assassins trained to eliminate the less desirable elements of mankind. They could get rid of a lot of crack-heads, drunken bums, televangelists, and lawyers. These undesirable types only weaken the human race anyway.

The government has no right to do that sort of thing. Since when do they have the right to kill innocent people? Well people simply aren't innocent. People are born evil, and the usually get worse with age. If we started cloning people more, we might be able to eventually breed that trait out of people. Survival of the fittest, that's what I say.

Apocalypse Now
A huge number of superior beings roaming around the planet would help to ensure the survival of the species. After the apocalypse the technology to clone humans would most likely be lost anyway, so we might as well use it while we've got it. When the world is rebuilding itself we're not going to have the advantage of programming defects out of a person. So we should do it now so the effects will carry over to the post apocalyptic world.