The Super Geniuses Guide to Complete Idiots

Clearly the relationships between the major sects of people are strained. Weather it is race relations, class warfare, or the generation gap, there always has been, and always will be breaks in the lines of communication amongst these groups. However, the lines sometimes blur between these factions. For instance, if we break the population down by race, it can still be broken down further into income level, age, and so on. Every time we would find black people who fit into all ranges of age, just as we will find white people who fit into all income levels. Even when we divide the population into male or female, we will still find some women who are black and some who are white, just as we would find some men who were rich, and some who were janitors. These common links ensure that the lines of communication between all the various factions will never be completely broken.

When we divide the people up by their level of intelligence, however, the divisions are much more clear. Obviously the lines will still blur to some degree; for instance, there are bound to be both black people and white people who have an IQ above 100. Yet the lines of communication amongst groups of varying intelligence levels are, in my opinion, the most adynamic of all. I say this because, while there may be smart people of different sexes, or retards of every age, there are few significant similarities between the intellectually gifted and the terminally obtuse. There may be a few minor commonalities amongst groups of varying intelligence, however the connections are not significant enough to support any stable lines of communication.