Homo-Pedophile-Necrophilia For Dummies

Anne Geddes - Babies as Bear
While society has clearly come to accept sexual acts between adults and children as normal behavior, acts of necrophilia are still look upon with distain and disgust. This is largely due to the oppressive Christian regime that has long ruled the western world. Penetrating the corn-hole of a dead young boy with a cucumber may not be explicitly named as a sin in the bible, but Christianity in general has held this act as morally reprehensible.

Christianity has a history of demonizing many normal sexual behaviors including viewing pornography, sex in a non-missionary position, sex before marriage, adultery, homosexuality, and bestiality. Today any enlightened individual would unmistakably see these behaviors as normal variations of sexual preference.

Sadly the right wing conservatives, who control the media, still hold to the outdated Judeo-Christian beliefs of the middle ages. The propaganda put forth by these religious institutions has lead to an unfounded stigma toward homo-pedophile-necrophilia. The idea that the bodies of the dead are sacred is the main weapon of the corrupt Christian regime. The natural extension of this idea is a belief that molesting a corpse is inherently wrong.