Manipulation 101

Now for groups:

If you are playing 2 sides for the same thing and you notice you have leverage or just a better chance to get what you want, concentrate on manipulating the easier side more.

When 2 groups are having a conflict or there is an inner conflict inside a group, never chose a side. Play both sides for your own good, only take a side for real when one side has nothing to really give anymore or just doesn't amuse you any longer.

Other tactics that are useful:

If you have information on someone they don't want to go public blackmail the hell out of them. Don't stop blackmailing them until you aren't really getting anything out of it anymore and when you will get the most from making the information public.

Never discard a person or group that could be useful to you later, though they may not be very useful now they may be later.

Just because you piss one member of a group off doesn't mean you can't manipulate the rest of the group.

Use others for help when manipulating people or groups, when useable and only useable people.

Don't ever let people manipulate you unless you can get more out of it than they really can.

Sometimes helping someone manipulate another will also be to your benefit. Not to forget they will owe you a favor.

On a major project, call in all your favors, only usable ones of course.

Now for the most important bit of information:

Your heart must be cold to the effect your manipulation has on others, remember they're just your tools! And also friends can be manipulated the easiest because they trust you!

I hope my manipulation strategies help you as much as it has be useful to me, I can't say all these tactics always work but they will most of the time. And remember different people may need different tactics that I don't have down, you may need to change some of these or make new ones to adapt to a particular person or situation.