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Awards I Have Won

I don't even remember applying for this one

Awards I Give Out

Awards are granted based on my superior God-like opinion. Don't worry; I have several different categories so anyone who applies will win something. Your chances of getting good award are better if your site is at least remotely funny. If your site is for a business, or something else my readers will have no interest in, don't expect to get a gold or even mild amusement award. All winners will have their link listed on my site along with a description of their site. Click Here To apply for an award

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Golden Ed Award

The coveted Golden Ed Award is the most prestigious award on the web. When people see that your site has earned my discerning praise, you will most likely be moved up to CEO.

Ed's Award of Mild Amusement

This award is given to sites that I find somewhat entertaining. While it may not lead to a major promotion, winning this award will still most likely bring millions of people to your site.

Ed's Award of Indifference

For sites that have nothing inherently wrong with them, but don't really hold my interest either. Don't feel bad if you get this award; feel bad if you get the next one on my list.

Ed Hates You Award

Basically I think that your site sucks, and I will provide you with scathing comments about why. (Note: I will also post these comments next to your link on my page)